The UXDX Team

The people who put UXDX together

Our Team

We are a small but growing team of people who are passionate about helping companies improve their ways of working to build better products with happier teams.

  • Picture of Catherine Madden

    Catherine Madden

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Catherine organised some of the largest conferences in APAC before returning to Ireland and founding UXDX. With detailed knowledge on every aspect of conference production Catherine ensures that the events produced are always world class.

  • Picture of Rory Madden

    Rory Madden

    Co-Founder and CPO

    Having worked in large software projects, and seen first hand the ineffectiveness and inefficiencies that go along with them, Rory has spent the last decade helping companies to shift to empowered product teams. With a particular dislike for "It Depends", Rory is creating the UXDX Model to help companies shake faux agile and learn what's really needed for companies to transform and actually achieve better outcomes.

  • Picture of Krista Jegorova

    Krista Jegorova

    Event Operations Manager

    Krista has a wealth of experience organising large scale events and is bringing all of that enthusiasm to ensure that UXDX events deliver the best experience possible for everyone involved. She is the person behind the scenes who makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

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