The UXDX Mission

Helping Teams shift from Projects to Products

Product Development is Broken

66%of features fail to deliver value
22%more time spent on rework
45%of people have their hands tied

How Product Teams Help


More Effective

Projects assume that the value in the business case will occur and lock the scope early. But products require customers, and customers are unpredictable. 

Product teams are responsible for outcomes so they need to test assumptions with customers continuously and adjust track when new insights occur.  


More Efficient

Projects assume that separation of roles with detailed handovers is the most efficient use of expensive resources. But if you get the scope wrong up front then the impact multiplies. 

Product teams work together with quick feedback loops to limit the impact of mistakes or miscommunication early and avoid unnecessary rework later. 


More Sustainable

Projects remove the ownership of the product and code. Deadlines force people to cut corners and because people jump from one project to the next these fixes never take place. The resulting product, design and technical debt slows down delivery over time.

Product teams own the product and are responsible for continuous delivery. This requires a focus on paying down debt regularly to ensure sustainable delivery.

How We Deliver on Our Mission

Case Studies

Theory is great - but how you put it into practice is what matters.

Unfortunately there are no "best practices" in product delivery. But there are a lot of good practices. All of the speakers at UXDX share the real case studies of how they have adopted change to improve product delivery in their organisations. 

Cross Functional

How can the team work better together if they learn apart?

We believe heavily in t-shaped product teams; team members with deep expertise in one area but knowledge and skills across delivery. This improves empathy across the team, reduces confusion and miscommunication, and keeps team sizes manageable. That's why we cover the full product delivery lifecycle at UXDX.

Efficiency. Effectiveness. Sustainability

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