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Personal Benefits

Visibility and Authority
Get your name out there as an expert in your field. Its a great way of growing your career

Having to prepare a talk forces you to really delve into the details on a topic. You'll be surprised by what you teach yourself

Build Confidence
It may seem daunting at first but you will be on a high after coming off stage and the confidence will last even longer

Supercharge your Networking
Don't worry about not knowing how to reach out to people - they will reach out to you

Company Benefits

Brand Awareness
Your brand will be highlighted on the agenda for months as people research the conference

Brand Authority
Your company is one of the few selected to be on stage. You get the transferred authority of all of the other large brands like Google, Uber, Spotify, Mastercard and more

If you're looking to hire this is a great opportunity to highlight how work is really done at your company

Press Coverage
If you have a big announcement we can facilitate press coverage at the conference

What our Audience wants to hear

We've designed our agenda around helping teams shift from working in projects to working as autonomous cross functional product teams that solve customer problems and deliver business value.

The vision talks cover the ways that companies can align the product strategy around the business and customer goals and then enable product teams to deliver in a more autonomous and incremental fashion. 

  1. Enabling the Team
  2. Setting the Product Direction
  3. Shifting from Projects to Products

The execution talks cover the steps that companies can follow to shift from a linear waterfall flow to an iterative approach to building the right product, faster, together. 

  1. Continuous Research
  2. Ideate, Prototype and Validate
  3. Architect and Build
  4. Continuous Delivery
  5. Launch

You can't do everything yourself. The enablers section focuses on the tools and supports that people can use to enable and accelerate their product development. 

  1. Tools
  2. Services
  3. Training
  4. People

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