UXDX Model

Enabling high performance product teams

There is a Better Way of Building Products


Assuming value up front when we know the least


Continuous validation of assumptions and value



Separate specialities with functional goals


Cross functional team with delivery as the goal



Standardised team building predefined outputs


Empowered teams using context to solve problems


The Challenge

Without clear goals teams can go in any direction

Moving in the Right Direction

Telling the team exactly what to build ensures that they are heading in the same direction even if its wrong! But how can we ensure that teams will build the right thing if they are given autonomy?


Clearly communicate the company objectives

Set the Objectives

Enabling the Team

We need to shift from telling teams what to build (outputs) to telling teams what to achieve (outcomes). This aligns the team in the right direction without restricting them to a single path.

Product Team

A dedicated product team is required to ensure accountability for the assigned outcomes. This requires T-shaped skills to cover all roles within a team. 

Product Teams require t-shaped people - specialists who can support other roles in the product team
Find the overlap between customer and business objectives

Understand the Customer

Product Direction

Research the real customer needs and find the intersection between the customers problems that need to be solved and the current business objectives.

Start Together

Everyone on the team needs to understand the business and customer needs. This means that everyone on the team needs to get involved in customer research.

Teams need to all have a shared understanding of the business and customer needs
Iterate, and pivot, your way to success

Deliver Iteratively

From Project to Product

Help the team to adopt new practices and approaches which enable more effective, efficient, collaborative and sustainable work.

Iterative Process

Waterfall processes tie people to their initial assumptions. Teams responsible for outcomes need to adjust as they deliver. 

UXDX Model - Cross Functional Product Team Delivery


Research and Hypothsise continuously to influence product direction

Continuous Research

The biggest waste in product development is building the wrong thing. Customer needs are shifting rapidly so the team needs to conduct continuous quantitative and qualitative research. The resulting insights enable more effective product decisions.
Ideate, Prototype and Validate

Ideate, Prototype and Validate

Design is more than just pixels -it's about solving the identified customer problems coming from the research. Teams need to ideate together to generate the best solutions. And quickly prototype and validate them before committing to expensive builds.
Move from the prototype to code

Architect & Build

Good architecture is critical for a sustainable product but that doesn't mean a Big Design Up Front. By providing guidelines and boundaries teams can be empowered to react to changing requirements, while ensuring high quality and secure technical designs.
Automate your Testing and Release process to enable continuous deployments

Continuous Delivery

Experiments need quick turnaround times so release cycles need to shift from weeks to minutes. By using tested architectural patterns teams can safely replace legacy systems enabling them to automate and streamline the release process.
Monitor your features and feed the new learnings back into the next delivery phase


You aren't done when you release the code - you're only done when the code has made the expected impact. Teams need to track the metrics they identified in their ideation to validate the effectiveness of each release.




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