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Our Mission

Product development is broken. We are fixing it.

Companies assume demand so they underinvest in UX (User Experience) which leads to poor outcomes. Companies say they care about DX (Developer Experience) and that employees are their most valuable asset but then they treat them as unempowered cogs in a machine which leads to burnout and attrition.

UXDX helps companies deliver better products by putting the customer at the center of product development (UX) and empowering product teams (DX). This ensures that more companies survive, increases innovation and outcomes for consumers and reduces burnout and stress for the people working in product development.

We achieve this through our conferences, training and coaching offerings which provide the motivation to change as well as the skills and knowledge required to adopt better ways of working.

How we work

We experiment

We are willing to try things but we will quickly stop doing something that isn't working.

We empower

You'll have freedom to trial new ideas and set the direction of your area.

We focus on outcomes

While each person is autonomous we survive as a team so we hold each other accountable for outcomes across the team.
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Features of the Role

Remote first

We are remote first so you can work wherever you are. We do work closely together day-to-day and we catch up physically throughout the year at our events when we see our work come to life.

Career Booster

Got an ambition to run your own company? Learn how a company works and scales from the inside. We are transparent by default so you will experience everything.

Challenging Targets

Some people thrive when allowed to use their full skillset to take ownership of the delivery. Others prefer to complete a list of tasks. UXDX is for the former and offers a real rewarding experience.

Global Travel & Experience

We run events on 3 continents so you can learn how to work within new markets. We catch up at our main events as well as our annual off-site; we've been to Bali and Mauritius so far

Why work with us?

Ever wanted to get in at a company just before it started to really scale? Over the past few years we have built a trusted brand name and have honed our product. We now need to scale... and quickly!

This is an incredible opportunity to shape the direction of a young company and supercharge your career. If you're excited by the opportunity and eager to get your hands dirty, we want to hear from you.

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