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Projects hurt teams and products

Waterfall, or agile-fall, is an exercise in avoiding learning while building a product.

Customers talk to stakeholders who then share them with teams via requirements. But the message gets distorted in the noise.

Features that fail

Requirements pick up assumptions and biases as they are translated from customers to product teams. That's why 66% of features fail to deliver expected returns.

Slowing over time

Project deadlines encourage teams to cut corners but this introduces tech debt. Left unmanaged, debt can add up to 58% extra overhead on new projects.

Bad remedies

Scrum or SAFe are easy to adopt because they don't require difficult organisational changes. The problem is they don't deliver the expected benefits.

Damaging for people

Hard work doesn't cause stress, lack of control does. Enforcing guesstimates without enforcing the underlying assumptions is why 73% of employees are reporting burnout.

Empowered teams build better products

Teams continuously talking with customers, learning their pain points and needs, enables them to create products that customers love.

Teams doing continuous discovery directly with customers and then continuously delivering to validate solutions align with the business direction.

Better business returns

Continuous discovery with customers coupled with iterative testing of solutions enables teams to identify and capitalise on new opportunities.

Align with autonomy

Stakeholders define the team goals, aligned with the business strategy, but let the teams figure out how to achieve them.

Sustainable over time

Teams own the code they produce which encourages better code quality, spreads the cost of maintenance and avoids big rewrites.

Happier teams

Empowered teams tap into people's intrinsic motivators of Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose and Relatedness

Learn from those who have already done it

If it were easy everyone would be doing it already. But by hearing the case studies of those who are leading the path, along with the challenges they encountered, you can accelerate your transformation.


What new things do I need to learn?

I know how to work in the current process. What changes are needed to support the new way of working?

How will my performance be measured?

If we move to product teams does that mean that my metrics will change?

What does my career path look like?

The functional hierarchy is an established career ladder. How does that change with product teams?

How can I get my company to change?

OK, I'm bought in. But how can I get the rest of the business to buy in to the changes?


How do I ensure teams are aligned to business goals?

How can I ensure teams build things that are aligned with the business strategy?

Where is the financial oversight?

How can I justify that this is a good way to spend the company's limited resources?

How do we upskill and develop employees?

How do people get access to the support they need when they are in product teams and away from their functions?

What do managers do?

If we take away line management and resource allocation what do functional managers do?

Our speakers

Peter Wang



Peter Wang

Mamuna Oladipo

VP of Product


Mamuna Oladipo

Cindy Chastain

SVP, Global Customer Experience and Design


Cindy Chastain

Davy Fung

Product Design Manager, Design Systems

Disney Streaming

Disney Streaming
Davy Fung

Pamela Mead

Global VP of Design


Pamela Mead

Betina Evancha

VP of Product Management

Peloton Interactive

Peloton Interactive
Betina Evancha

Ricky Wong

Global Head Digital Product Management

The Estée Lauder Companies

Ricky Wong

Emmi Meurling


Practical Product

Practical Product
Emmi Meurling

Deepika Yerragunta

Head of Platform Products


Deepika Yerragunta

All product builders, all designers and all developers should be here - together.

Deirdre Ni Luasaigh - CEO, CultureArk
Deirdre Ni Luasaigh
CEO, CultureArk

Excellent opportunity to get an insight in great companies and how they work and succeed to build better products

Sandra Siggelin - Team Manager UI, Swedbank
Sandra Siggelin
Team Manager UI, Swedbank

2 days of inspiring talks with real actionable insights

Frederic Bidot - Product Manager, Retail inMotion
Frederic Bidot
Product Manager, Retail inMotion

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