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Learn the latest Product, UX, Design and Dev practices, increase your T-shaped skills and discover the techniques companies are using to empower teams to deliver.

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Get inspired by
the latest practices

Learn the latest practices from leading companies through case studies that detail both the obstacles as well as the successes.

Continuous Discovery

The strategies, practices and techniques for identifying user needs and pain points to uncover product opportunities.

Continuous Design

How to break down complex problems, prototype and validate solutions and design better solutions iteratively.

Continuous Delivery

How to architect and design products in a way that enables iterative development while remaining sustainable and secure.

Learn how others are
making change happen

Handoffs slow down product delivery. Learn how companies empower product teams to reduce handoffs while maintaining alignment to company strategy.

Enabling The Team

How managers can structure teams, architecture and objectives to enable autonomous product teams without sacrificing governance and fiduciary responsibility.

Product Direction

How to create a product vision, strategy and roadmap that can inspire product teams whithout limiting their ablity to innovate.

All product builders, all designers and all developers should be here - together.

Deirdre Ni Luasaigh - CEO, CultureArk
Deirdre Ni Luasaigh
CEO, CultureArk

Excellent opportunity to get an insight in great companies and how they work and succeed to build better products

Sandra Siggelin - Team Manager UI, Swedbank
Sandra Siggelin
Team Manager UI, Swedbank

2 days of inspiring talks with real actionable insights

Frederic Bidot - Product Manager, Retail inMotion
Frederic Bidot
Product Manager, Retail inMotion

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How we deliver

We've designed the agenda to take advange of the benefits of both online and offline. By releasing some talks before the event we can devote more time to more interactive sessions like debates, paenls and forums at the event.

Case Study Talks

In-Person TicketOnline Ticket

Speakers from leading companies share case studies on how they have successfully adopted new practices or approaches in product development.


Learn the latest trends, get inspired and find out what your competitors are up to.

A female speaker presenting a topic on stage

Panels / Debates

In-Person TicketOnline Ticket

A group of industry leaders share their thoughts, and where they disagree, on the particular topic in the industry.


Dig deeper into topics and clarify points where speakers seem to be contradicting each other.

Two women and a man in seats on a stage discussing a topic


In-Person TicketOnline Ticket

* requires workshop ticket

Get hands-on with a particular topic to convert the theory into practice


Increase your skills in a relevant area for your future career.

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In-Person TicketOnline Ticket

An unstructured conversation between attendees and industry leaders around specific topics.


Share your experiences, learn from others and create new connections at the conference.

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In-Person TicketOnline Ticket

Informal gatherings taking place around the event such as walking tours, runs, pub crawls and more.


Build your network by meeting people that you might not get a chance to meet and have fun doing it!

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