Gerrit Kaiser

Gerrit Kaiser

Design Leader


Gerrit is a design leader with a hybrid design/technology background . He has been crafting digital products for close to 20 years - based in Melbourne, London, Berlin and now Stockholm, Sweden. His practice is centred around code as a material and bridging the gaps between software development disciplines.

At Spotify, Gerrit and his team are focused on building systems and tools that empower the company's engineers, designers, writers and product managers to build better products, faster.

Past Sessions

UXDX Europe 2019

Watch Reimagining Design Systems At Spotify

Reimagining Design Systems At Spotify

Gerrit Kaiser

Design Leader, Spotify

How do you build a design system which supports a fast-paced, autonomous squad culture and works on more than 45 different platforms? How do you govern such a system? How do you handle contributions? Spotify has been on a journey reimaginin...

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