Christopher Slowe

Christopher Slowe

CTO & Founding Engineer


Chris is the founding engineer of Reddit, he helped build it, sell it & filled the role of CEO for a period. Now he has returned as CTO with a long to-do list including redesigning the platform, internal development & overall organisational growth. This is an excellent time for Chris to join us & share his take on product redesign. UXDX Conference provides a community for teams to collaborate & implement best practice for product development & reducing conflicts that arise during project handoffs.

Past Sessions

UXDX Europe 2019

Watch Team Ownership - Who Owns Production

Team Ownership - Who Owns Production

Christopher Slowe

CTO & Founding Engineer, Reddit

Developers are too valuable to have supporting production issues. But then again they might have caused the issues. Should developers have to triage the issues found? Is it productive to find issues in their code or unproductive dealing wit...

UXDX Europe 2018

Watch Rebuilding Reddit

Rebuilding Reddit

Christopher Slowe

CTO & Founding Engineer, Reddit

Reddit is home to the most authentic conversations on the internet. As of 2018, Reddit's popularity has surged to 330 million monthly active users in spite of a UX largely unchanged for a decade. This year, the company launched its first ma...

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