Louis Wilkinson

Louis Wilkinson

Senior Project Manager - UX Researcher


As a Project Manager and UX Researcher working for Testbirds I collaborate and work with a broad range of digital products and development teams. The diversity in my work has allowed me to focus on what is important to a products development and to refine my approach in not only asking users ‘what’ they do but importantly uncovering ‘why’ the behave how they do.

Past Sessions

UXDX Europe 2020

Watch How To Get To Your Customers Underlying Needs?

How To Get To Your Customers Underlying Needs?

Kate Martynova


Gianni Clifford


Mall Allpere


Louis Wilkinson


This interactive session will look at how to understand your customers needs by learning their patterns and behaviours. Once you've gotten insights to this, how do you put them into action. Join the conversation, share your insights and pro...

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