Key Strategies to Win Executive Backing on UX to Ignite Design-Led Business Growth

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Key Strategies to Win Executive Backing on UX to Ignite Design-Led Business Growth

Continuous Discovery

The panel explores the significant challenges that UX and product professionals face, particularly in securing executive buy-in for user research and what non-UX executives are looking to see. It delves into the importance of aligning UX strategies with business objectives, demonstrating the tangible impact of user experience on key performance indicators, and leveraging design-driven growth for competitive advantage.

Each person shares their journey and thinking in building a robust UX research operation within a large corporation, emphasizing the critical role of data in demonstrating the business value of UX efforts. The discussion includes practical advice on measuring and presenting UX outcomes to align with executive priorities, the importance of continuous iteration, data-driven design decisions, and integrating UX research throughout the product development lifecycle.

Whether you're a UX professional seeking to elevate your impact across the org, or a product or business leader aiming to harness the power of design, this panel offers essential insights for achieving alignment and driving significant business outcomes.

Jim Morris

Jim Morris, Founder,Product Discovery Group

Rima Campbell

Rima Campbell, VP, Experience Research & Strategy,UserTesting

Ryan Leffel

Ryan Leffel, Head of Design,Priceline

Fahad Osmani

Fahad Osmani, VP of Design for Data & AI,Capital One