2 Hour Design Sprints

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2 Hour Design Sprints

Continuous Design

A design sprint is a 5-day process invented at Google by Jake Knapp and UX specialists that uses design thinking for validating ideas and tackling business problems, guiding teams through a design-thinking-based process to uncover insights, prototype an idea, and test it with users. The process aims to help teams to clearly define goals, validate assumptions and decide on a product roadmap item before starting development.
Many organizations have based their own design thinking process from Stanford's design thinking method or using Google and Jake Knapp’s 5-day process from the book “Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days”. But 5-day design sprints have had its challenges during the pandemic including the ability to conduct a remote design sprint using the same process effectively, loss of productive time and the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders in one room.

Join this two hour workshop to:

  • Learn how we created a hybrid approach to solving problems using design thinking and design sprint methodologies.
  • Receive the tools and a step-by-step guide on running your own 2-hour virtual design sprint.
  • Learn how to train your team to run design sprints through a mock design sprint.
John Kille

John Kille, Head of UX,Trevipay

Teresa Cain

Teresa Cain, Director, Product Management & UX Design,Trevipay