Savvas Kleanthous

Savvas Kleanthous

Head of Engineering


Savvas has worked on highly scalable, high performance, evolvable systems in industries such as financial services, telecoms, entertainment, gaming, health and lately transportation. Through different positions as tech lead, and architect (and sometimes both), he helped companies solve complex problems by applying process changes, collaborative discovery, design workshops, architecture, and implementation of sociotechnical systems.

Savvas has significant experience with DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing and has delivered and maintained such solutions in production. Lately he's interested in the behaviours that enable an organisation to become highly performant, user-focused, and competitive inside the system it lives, and is creating a baseline for a process that will enable organizations to achieve those goals.

Past Sessions

UXDX Community Netherlands 2020

Watch Becoming (and staying) a high-performant organization

Becoming (and staying) a high-performant organization

Savvas Kleanthous

Head of Engineering, ParcelVision

The Accelerate book (Forsgren, Humble, Kim) succeeded in providing indications of what makes a high-performance organization, along with insight on the science behind the research. The findings are as valuable as they are unsurprising. Howe...

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