Becoming (and staying) a high-performant organization


Becoming (and staying) a high-performant organization

Continuous Delivery

The Accelerate book (Forsgren, Humble, Kim) succeeded in providing indications of what makes a high-performance organization, along with insight on the science behind the research. The findings are as valuable as they are unsurprising.
However, while there is a lot of information describing the characteristics and indicators of high performers, the actionable information inside of the Accelerate is limited and focused, still leaving gaps for organizations on their way to achieve high performance.
In this talk, I'll be introducing a baseline for a product development process which can help you on your way towards becoming a high-performance organization. I'll cover three topics:

  • Process: how requirements should come into a team
  • Architecture: using reactive, event-driven systems with event sourcing to achieve low coupling
    While the presentation will focus on some of the more important aspects of just three major aspects of a product development process, they form a reasonable baseline of a process which can give you a running start on your journey of becoming a high-performance organization.
Savvas Kleanthous

Savvas Kleanthous, Head of Engineering,ParcelVision