Event Storming: Build The Right Thing, Right


Event Storming: Build The Right Thing, Right

Continuous Delivery

Building software which meets the requirements of the business has been and still remains quite the challenge. So much so in fact, that "build the thing right" and "build the right thing", are both phrases used in software development to emphasize perspectives, and in extent challenges in analysis and development of a product. To our aid, comes Event storming.

Event storming is a workshop which helps everyone in the product-building team to reach a shared understanding of the domain, but also helps us establish what needs to be built and how, by creating a model of the software in a format which is verifiable by our subject matter experts. At the same time, Event Storming can help us discover our inherent service boundaries, which is the biggest source of risk in a microservices architecture.

In this talk Savvas will go through a short history of dysfunctional processes, before explaining how Event Storming addresses them. By the end of the talk you should know:

  • What problems does Event Storming solve
  • What are the different types of event storming
  • Who should be involved in each one
  • What is the expected outcome of each level
Savvas Kleanthous

Savvas Kleanthous, Head of Engineering,ParcelVision