Lowell Goss

Lowell Goss

Head of Design & UX


Lowell Goss spends his time working with people and companies to make the world more fun, easier to understand and more accessible. Sometimes his job is to take technology (old & new) and rethink what it can do and how it should work. Usually though the answers already exist and what’s needed is to build a customer focused organization that can realize those ideas. During the last fifteen years Lowell has designed innovative products, built super talented teams, and used design thinking to drive change at Reddit, Amazon, LendingClub and Yahoo!, as well as clients including Dialpad, Ford and Comcast.

Upcoming Sessions

UXDX Europe 2020Monday 5th October

20:00 - 20:30 (30 minutes)

Evolving the Design Team: Making, Inventing and Dreaming

UXDX europe 2020

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