10 Insightful Quotes by UXDX Speakers

June 5, 2019

Organisational change starts with a personal motivation for change. We’ve selected 10 quotes from some of our most engaging speakers at UXDX and on how they’re changing the product delivery processes at their organisations.

1. Tony Grout, Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Alfresco:

“Always make sure you’re optimising for the flow of work through the teams. This might mean some teams might need to be slower. It’s not about one team moving fast, but for all teams delivering value” Click to tweet.

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2. Richard Dalton, Head Of Design at Capital One.

“We need an experience management system that gives all employees in an organisation the view of how their work and decisions impact the customer experience. This is critical for organisations’ survival. “ Click to tweet.

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3. Luca Mezzalira, VP of Architecture at DAZN

“Design for Hundreds of Developers from Day 1” Click to tweet.

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4. Shane Nolan, SVP Technology, Consumer & Business Services at IDA.

“Cost-saving is not the right way to think about remote working. Talent is everything for companies. People’s knowledge and skills are the company’s value. Keeping them happy, productive and connected is critical and that's where you spend on.” Click to tweet.

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5. Olga Mishyna, Product Designer at Adyen

“You don’t want to have developers as your enemies. Developers should feel excited about the challenge you’re bringing. They should feel the ownership of whatever you’re going to build. And to feel the ownership, they should participate in the decision-making process.” Click to tweet.

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6. Rory Madden, Co-founder of UXDX

“I thought a logical solution was going to be enough to convince people to change the way we’re working. I was taking logic to an emotional argument. Emotion is what actually triggers people to change behaviour, not logic. You have to motivate people to do it, but then you have to make it easy for them to do it. It’s not a technical problem, it’s a people problem.” Click to tweet.

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7. Paolo Malabuyo, Director of UX at Google

"I learned early on how valuable it is to be able to tell the difference between what people do and what people say. At all the companies I worked, we used a number of different methodologies to be able to tell the difference. You have to use the right methodology to get the right type of insights." Click to tweet.

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8. Eva Deckers, Design Director at Philips Design

“Most designers still go into defense mode when you start talking about AI taking over design decisions. That can never be as good as the intuition, skills and the experience of the designer. In my opinion, the design community doesn’t use quantitative and qualitative data enough yet. Data is creative material.” Click to tweet.

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9. Alice Newton-Rex, Chief Product Officer at WorldRemit

“We’re all on a quest for the perfect roadmap. But all of the roadmaps have one common problem, they’re essentially a list of features arranged on a timeline. The problem with the list of features is that the rest of your company and your clients view that as a commitment. That creates a lot of external pressure to keep building the things on the list, even though they don’t solve the real problem. Or they solve a problem that’s no longer your most important one.“ Click to tweet.

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10. Nikola Nevin, Senior Software Engineer Technical Lead at OpenJaw

UX and Engineering are not two separate processes. They’re two areas of expertise within the same process, trying to produce the same goal. The results of our new process were fewer blockers, improved speed of delivery, better ownership over the design and better eye for detail. We’re both fighting for the same goal, which is a great user experience. Click to tweet.

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