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My goal is to shift from delivering software to delivering products that work. I co-founded UXDX in 2016 to accelerate the transition from projects to cross-functional product teams; moving the focus away from following process at all costs to delivering real customer and business value. Organisations are primarily structured in functional silos, which are great in low change environments, but product development is the 21st Century is fast paced. Cross functional product teams which cut across traditional functional and department boundaries enable teams to focus on the outcomes that they want to deliver and avoid the politics and blockers that slow down delivery. Shifting to product teams requires changes to organisational culture and structures, and change is hard. But people don't resist change, they resist being changed. I enjoy working with people to help bring them on the journey from projects to products tackling both the motivation and skills required to change. Lets empower teams to work together to build amazing products that customers love.

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UXDX Europe 2020Tuesday 26th March
Live Session

17:20 - 17:30 (10 minutes)

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Live Session

13:00 - 13:20 (20 minutes)

Opening Address

Live Session

14:30 - 15:10 (40 minutes)

Turning Motivation Into Action

From Project to Product

Live Session

16:00 - 16:05 (5 minutes)

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UXDX europe 2020

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UXDX Community San Fran 2020

Watch Turning Motivation Into Action

Turning Motivation Into Action

Rory Madden

Founder, UXDX

Working as product teams delivers better results but making the shift involves changing how teams and companies work - and change is hard.  How do we convince people that we have thought through the implications of the changes that we are ...

UXDX Community Stockholm 2018

Managing Change: Implementing The UXDX Model

Rory Madden

Founder, UXDX

Driving change within an organisation, nomatter how big or small can be difficult. Oftentimes it's not just about a bottom up or top down approach. You need to understand the emotions and behaviours that trigger action and win over change.

UXDX Community Helsinki 2018

Integrating UX Into The Development Loop: Breaking Down Team Barriers

Rory Madden

Founder, UXDX

UXDXs cofounder, Rory Madden will discuss the difficulties of managing change within organisations. From team, culture, processes and more.


Lessons learned from 300+ conference talks

Lessons learned on how to give an engaging and highly rated talk from analysing over 300 talks at UXDX.


20th July 2020

Making Product Delivery More Sustainable

To make product delivery more sustainable we need to shift from "predictability" metrics of time and cost to "sustainability" metrics.

#from project to product#product challenges#agile

13th May 2020

Becoming Data Informed

How you can use the DIBBs model to empower autonomous teams and help them to become more data informed.


5th April 2020

Going Online - The Value of a Conference

How do you transition a conference to online but without just doing a webinar? We look at the real customer needs and solutions to satisfy those needs... Read More

#community#product challenges#transformation#uxdx2020#vision

9th March 2020

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