Scaling Your Design Systems


Scaling Your Design Systems

Continuous Design

Design Systems provide designers with a new way to build cohesive, consistent experiences at scale - to create truly great products.
This panel will explore the ways different companies are approaching design systems to achieve greater alignment throughout the team.

  • How will the role of the designer is evolving
  • Allowing designers to think-creatively on user needs
  • An evolution of what it means for design alignment
  • The importance of design alignment in product success
Davy Fung

Davy Fung, Product Design Manager, Design Systems,Disney Streaming

Donnie D'Amato

Donnie D'Amato, Design Systems Architect,GoDaddy

Troy Azmoon

Troy Azmoon, VP, Platform and Product Design,ServiceNow

Alkistis Mavroeidi

Alkistis Mavroeidi, Director of Product Design,KAYAK