Product Led Growth versus Sales Led Growth


Product Led Growth versus Sales Led Growth

Product Direction

Join us for a riveting debate that delves into the merits and challenges of two powerful business strategies: Product-Led Growth and Sales-Led Growth. The session aims to dissect the core attributes of both approaches, their application, and their respective impacts on a company's trajectory. Our panel of industry experts will present arguments for each side, drawing on real-world examples.

Is the focus on developing an outstanding product to organically draw customers the best way to go? Or does the traditional, direct approach of pushing sales to drive growth offer more in terms of predictability and control? This debate will explore these questions and more, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of these strategies, and ultimately helping them make more informed decisions for their own business growth. Whether you're scaling, an established enterprise, this discussion promises insights that could shape your strategic outlook.

Moderated by Mariné Palamutyan

Emerson Taymor

Emerson Taymor, SVP, Global Sales & Marketing,Infobeans

Beata Wilczek

Beata Wilczek, VP of Engineering,Yellowcard

Marine Palamutyan

Marine Palamutyan, UX Research Manager,DocuSign