Integrating, Scaling & Maintaining DesignOps


Integrating, Scaling & Maintaining DesignOps

Continuous Design

As you introduce DesignOps as a new function into an organisation, the first few months will be the most critical and challenging stage.

In this talk, Baylie will talk through her strategies and best practices on how to establish a successful DesignOps function in your business. She will touch on

  • The importance of top down/bottom up buyin to ensure sustainable growth for the function;
  • Examples of quick hits that have worked to ensure buy-in;
  • Red Flags to watchout for that could cause challenges; and
  • Solutions she swears by when facing these challenges
    You will walk away learning the value of DesignOps, the importance of understanding change and ensuring that any changes implemented scales with your business and teams.
Baylie Brenner-Bruzgis

Baylie Brenner-Bruzgis, Head of DesignOps,Twitch