Human-Centered Design in AI-Driven Product Development

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Human-Centered Design in AI-Driven Product Development

Continuous Design

In an era where AI and automation are revolutionizing product development, maintaining a focus on human needs and community values is more crucial than ever. Building on the success of their UXDX EMEA 2023 talk, Ricardo Marquez and Pamela Mead return to delve deeper into practical approaches for integrating AI into product development without losing sight of the human aspect. This workshop offers product teams actionable insights and strategies to ensure their AI-driven projects remain inclusive, ethical, and genuinely beneficial to their intended users. Join Ricardo and Pamela as they bridge the gap between rapid technological advancement and the essential human elements of product design. Through interactive exercises and expert guidance, learn how to navigate the challenges of AI integration while championing inclusivity, understanding, and community engagement in your product development process.
Workshop Goals:

  • Equip product teams with the knowledge to identify and mitigate unintended consequences of AI integration.
  • Provide actionable strategies for maintaining a human-centered approach in AI-amplified product projects
  • Facilitate the development of project-specific action plans that incorporate inclusivity, data understanding, and broad scenario consideration.
    Participants will leave with a clear set of actions tailored to their current or upcoming projects, aimed at enhancing AI integration with a human-centered focus.
Ricardo Marquez

Ricardo Marquez, Executive Design Leader

Diego Gomez

Diego Gomez, VP of Technology,Payer Sciences