How, and Why, to Add Personality to your Products

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How, and Why, to Add Personality to your Products

Continuous Design

The quest to give digital products a personality is essential if you want to be different. Join Zinnia to learn methodologies that allow products to serve their function and do so with charm and personality, transforming everyday interactions into delightful experiences.

She will share how to humanize a product. How to bring brand voice into a product expression that embeds character and friendliness into the core of digital interfaces.

Zinnia will outline a framework to codify personality in products. She will discuss guidelines that govern voice and tone and how to write interfaces that sound human, simple and conversational.

Lastly, you'll learn how to integrate these principles into a broader design system, ensuring that product personality is delivered in a cohesive customer experience through voice and design. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how to articulate a product’s personality and give users not just another app, but an engaging digital companion.

Zinnia Sophia

Zinnia Sophia, Director of Content Strategy ,VML