Exploring the Potential of ChatGPT in UX

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Exploring the Potential of ChatGPT in UX

Continuous Discovery

During this interactive workshop, participants will discover how ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model, can help build better user experiences. Cecile will walk you through how she has introduced ChatGPT into her work, providing practical insights and examples, and you will engage in a roundtable discussion with other UX experts to explore various use cases and challenges faced when implementing this LLM in different projects. Additionally, you will participate in a brainstorming session where you will explore other possible uses of ChatGPT in UX design and in the realm of ideation, leveraging its capabilities to enhance creativity and generate unique concepts.
Over the workshop, Cecile will walk through:

  • Effective strategies for content generation using ChatGPT
  • How to utilize ChatGPT for analysis purposes, such as analyzing user feedback, sentiment analysis, or extracting insights from large datasets.
  • Understand the benefits of integrating ChatGPT in questionnaire preparation, including creating conversational and interactive surveys for improved user engagement and response quality.
  • Explore the fascinating world of UX eye tracking and learn how ChatGPT can be utilized in analyzing eye tracking data, uncovering valuable insights into user behaviour and interaction patterns.
Cécile Jouve

Cécile Jouve, Vice President of User Experience,smg