Design-Driven Leadership

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Design-Driven Leadership


Dive into the transformative world of design-driven leadership in this enlightening talk, where the principles of design thinking become your catalyst for influential leadership. Mrinali, known for her pivotal role in crafting the Safety and Security product vision for the future of mobility at Ford, and leveraging her rich experience from the inventive environment of Amazon's devices innovation lab, will unveil how the methodologies inherent in design thinking can be artfully applied to leadership challenges. Her talk will focus on pragmatic strategies to harness your creative skills for setting compelling visions, navigating complex problems, and driving meaningful change within your team and organization.

Attendees will gain a practical understanding of how to adopt a designer's mindset to dissect problems, generate impactful solutions, and foster an environment of collaborative innovation. Whether you're leading a small team or steering a large organization, this talk will show you how to utilize design thinking to elevate your leadership approach and leave a lasting impression on your work ecosystem, equipping you with innovative tools and thought processes essential for visionary leadership.

Mrinali Kamath

Mrinali Kamath, Product Design Director,Ford