Marja Ojala

Marja Ojala

Lead Designer


Marja is working as the lead designer for in-flight entertainment and mobile app at Finnair. As part of the in-house team, she is creating memorable and hassle-free travel experiences for both passengers and crew. Before joining Finnair, her work as UX/CX designer has included games, cloud storage and smart bins, but her roots are in industrial and interior design, an aspect that helps when designing for holistic customer experiences. On her spare time she focuses on what's truly important in life: good food.

Past Sessions

UXDX Europe 2019

Watch Communicating Your Customer's Needs

Communicating Your Customer's Needs

Marja Ojala

Lead Designer, Finnair

How do you communicate the goals of your customers with your team and with the wider organisation? With customer journey maps, you can get a sense of your customers' motivations, their needs and pain points. But where do you start? How do y...

UXDX Community Helsinki 2019

Watch Prototyping At Finnair

Prototyping At Finnair

Marja Ojala

Lead Designer, Finnair

“Bringing life to static designs. Also enhancing communication of ideas”, Marja Ojala, Lead Designer, Finnair discusses the value of prototyping and the design processes at Finnair.

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