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Get inspired, learn new skills and connect with your peers from around the world.

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After 6 months we open up the talks to everyone.

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All product builders, all designers and all developers should be here - together.

Deirdre Ni Luasaigh - CEO, CultureArk
Deirdre Ni Luasaigh
CEO, CultureArk

Excellent opportunity to get an insight in great companies and how they work and succeed to build better products

Sandra Siggelin - Team Manager UI, Swedbank
Sandra Siggelin
Team Manager UI, Swedbank

2 days of inspiring talks with real actionable insights

Frederic Bidot - Product Manager, Retail inMotion
Frederic Bidot
Product Manager, Retail inMotion

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Frequently asked questions

Can I pay by invoice / bank transfer?

Yes! Select the invoice option on checkout and you will get two weeks to pay for your ticket, or until the conference starts (if you're buying really last minute!). Unfortunately we will have to void tickets which are not paid by the due date.

Can I reverse charge VAT?

For online events: yes, the system will automatically remove VAT when you enter either a valid EU VAT number or an address outside of the EU.

For physical events: no, unfortunately, as the rules for VAT on conferences (article 53 of the amended sixth directive) are that it must be charged.

Do you offer freelance / startup / student discounts?

Yes. You can apply above if you meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Freelancer: self-employed and is not committed to a single employer long-term.
  • Startup: company with less than 8 employees and is less than 3 years old.
  • Student: in full time education.
How does an online event work?

All of the content - none of the FOMO. The main two-day event will be livestreamed on the UXDX website. You will have access to the talks in real time, a questions channel plus Slack channel for further questions and connecting with peers.

All of the talks will be available the week after the event so you can rewatch what mattered most to you.

Are all of the talks recorded

Yes. All talks and panels are recorded.

Are the workshops recorded?

No, unfortunately. This is the livelihood for many of our trainers so we can't distribute the workshop material. Our workshops are hands-on as well so recordings wouldn't be as much value.

How long will I have access to the videos for?


Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. Although, you can change the ticket owner up to a week before the event.