Team Downsized: How Do You Move Forward?

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Knowledge / Inspiration

Team Downsized: How Do You Move Forward?

16 May, 2:50 pm - 3:25 pm (America/New_York) - Main Stage

16 May, 18:50 - 19:25 (UTC)

Continuous Design

When all your processes are made for large teams and embedded resources, what do you do when the team you've built has been pulled from underneath you? In this session, Kevin will discuss the growth of his team at Glovo and the approach taken post-forced downsizing - a time when research & experimentation are arguably most needed during a time of unchartered territory. Kevin will discuss the growth, the downsizing, lessons learnt and positive hindsights. With a goal of giving you the tools needed to show more empathy and make your UX team a strategic arm of business growth and maturity.