Scaling the Impact of Research in an Agile Organisation


Scaling the Impact of Research in an Agile Organisation

Continuous Discovery

Research is the fundamental piece to creating products and services that fulfill users' needs. It is also one of the most commonly underestimated ones - simply the easiest part to drop out of the Product Development process and assume that we know better than the user. As the companies grow, conducting the research gets more complex, and there's a need to scale the processes and their impact across the organisation - that's where Research Ops kicks in.

During her talk, Ania will share:

  • What Research Ops is - How we can support an organisation in product development
  • How Research Ops impacts the quality of developed products and how these processes support agile teams in innovative resources distribution
  • How to start with Research Ops in the complex organisation based on Allegro's case (the team of 160+ UXs')
  • How to measure Research Ops' impact on the Product Development cycle.
Ania Kaliska

Ania Kaliska, UX Research Ops ,Allegro