Love Innovating, Again: Organizational Change


Love Innovating, Again: Organizational Change

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: Unleashing Change and Creativity 2024

Do you continue to be puzzled by how hard it is to innovate or deliver products in your organisation? Do have the sense that much of what you do is a thankless task? Does it feel like the risks, to you and the company, sometimes outweigh the rewards? You’re not alone in feeling the promise of innovation is often elusive, that uncertainty, unknowns and ambiguity, although exciting for some, are energy-sapping for many. Innovation, like finding love, is hard.

Regardless of whether you’re an innovator, intrapreneur, product developer or change agent, your success is reliant on the ability to persevere, to sustain your energy, optimism, resilience and creativity for championing change in a system, a system often pitted against you because it’s largely driven by maintaining the status quo. But how do you do this? Your team knows their ‘Why’.

They come to work each day to do hard things, to lead and inspire; to help organisations connect, adapt and flourish. But, maybe, they're also looking for a little more help? Maybe a little more inspiration, more examples of how to create greater fulfillment and meaning between their roles and any organisation lucky enough to have them? Together we'll review the system, ideal cultural baseline and pragmatic tools and tactics to support your team in delivering value.

Penelope Barr

Penelope Barr, Advisor - Product | Strategy | Commercial | Data | Innovation,Privay