Improving Product Design with Futurism

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Improving Product Design with Futurism

Product Direction

Most organizations struggle today with the pace of change, especially as it applies to the tension between capturing near-term revenue and long-term market viability. While there are popular frameworks, such as the 3 Horizon framework that inform planning, few organizations apply futurist principles and methodologies to the 3rd horizon, missing an opportunity to apply evidence-based imagination on the futures that we want to author now.

Jod will share insights on how futurism practices can be integrated into the product design sphere to create a visionary blueprint for innovation. He will illustrate how a commitment to experimentation and adopting a long-term thinking mindset can lead to groundbreaking products and services that resonate with generations to come.

Learn about the methods and mindsets that empower designers to transcend traditional boundaries and engage with the future as an active element of their design process. From embracing 10-year time horizons and longer, such expansive thinking contributes to the creation of products and services that not only fit into a long-term vision but also catalyze the very future they envision.

Prepare to be inspired by a future-forward approach that fuses the essence of futurism with practical design strategies to drive progress and pave the way for a new world of innovation, today.

Jod Kaftan

Jod Kaftan, Head of Product Design & Research,ORACLE