How to Integrate Accessibility in UX Design Systems

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How to Integrate Accessibility in UX Design Systems

Continuous Design

Dive into the essential skills of integrating accessibility into UX design systems in this interactive workshop. You'll learn the nuances of creating accessible styles, components, patterns, and pages, ensuring that your designs meet the needs of all users. Utilizing Brad Frost's design system methodology, you'll learn to apply accessibility principles across different levels: enhancing styles with design tokens, refining components for accessibility, ensuring interactive patterns are keyboard-navigable, and developing responsive and orientation-friendly templates and pages.

This hands-on session will include a mix of insightful presentations and practical exercises using Figma, where participants will create and integrate accessible UI elements such as buttons, links, and checkboxes into an accessible toolbar, filters, and a complete data details page. You'll gain essential skills to not only understand the structure and role of design systems but also to implement accessible design and documentation at every step.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Grasp the structure and function of design systems in digital product development.
  • Learn and apply accessible design and documentation requirements across different system levels.
  • Create accessible design elements and integrate them into practical, user-friendly layouts.

**Note: **Attendees are recommended to have access to Figma or PowerPoint for the practical exercises. Due to limited accessibility features in design tools like Figma, PowerPoint is a viable alternative.

Karen Hawkins

Karen Hawkins, Principal, Accessible Design,Level Access