How to Improve the Iterative Design to Agile Development Workflow


How to Improve the Iterative Design to Agile Development Workflow

Continuous Design
UXDX Community: Agile Design, Team Building & Metaphor-Driven UX 2024

In this insightful talk, Pablo and Hector will explore the synergistic relationship between iterative design and agile development, emphasizing how these methodologies share a common thread to enhance project outcomes.

Pablo Perez (UX): Pablo will delve into the essence of iterative design, demonstrating its critical role in refining user experiences. He will discuss how this approach facilitates continuous improvement and adaptation, allowing for user feedback to be seamlessly integrated into design enhancements.

Hector Aristy (Development): Hector will highlight the importance of integrating UX planning early in the development cycle. He will share insights into how this early exposure can aid developers in foreseeing technical challenges and crafting preemptive solutions, thereby streamlining the development process. Through his perspective, attendees will learn about the tangible benefits of agile development practices, such as increased flexibility, efficiency, and team collaboration.

The talk aims to bridge the gap between UX and development teams workflow, encouraging a more integrated and collaborative approach to product development. By understanding both perspectives, attendees will gain valuable insights into how iterative design and agile development can work hand in hand to produce superior digital products.

Hector Aristy

Hector Aristy, Engineering Manager,GBH

Pablo Pérez

Pablo Pérez, Director of User Experience,GBH