Fairytale about overcoming cognitive biases


Fairytale about overcoming cognitive biases

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UXDX Community: Mastering AI Tools and Cognitive Insights for a Captivating UX Portfolio 2024

Once upon a time, there was a Designer Charming. He researched all possible cognitive biases and fully learned the Psychology Magic. So when the new project started, he got his armor of cognitive tricks and applied all of them in collaboration with stakeholders. He also had a magic helmet that protected him from having his own biases. So having a sincere heart and good thoughts, he completely understood stakeholders’ agendas, user needs and approved a product approach on the first attempt. And all the users started using the product and lived happily ever after.
Nice fairytale for UX kindergarten, isn’t it?
In this talk we’ll highlight few cognitive biases and try to understand how to not become weak-willed slaves to our psychology and how to use some tricks to help our users with the same problem.

Mariia Hrabovska

Mariia Hrabovska, Senior User Experience Designer,Freelancer