Change Management to Enable Company-wide Experimentation


Change Management to Enable Company-wide Experimentation

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: UX Research - Facts & Feelings 2023

Working on continuous product optimization, we strive for an experimentation- and validation-driven culture. To be successful at this, it is essential to understand that your job is more than just running A/B tests and conducting (UX) research. A large proportion of your work should be dedicated to change management and enabling others. However, changing and motivating others is hard.

In his presentation, Ruben will discuss the importance of change management, guided by an understandable model you can start using today. He will explain the model step-by-step, using the knowledge you already have. You will find many examples of things you should and should not do to cultivate a culture of experimentation in your organization.

Ruben de Boer

Ruben de Boer, Lead Conversion Manager / Consultant,Online Dialogue