Building Products At Postmates


Building Products At Postmates

Continuous Delivery

As a company based in a three-sided marketplace, Postmates, with its delivery service and on-demand logistics platform, is involved with some interesting challenges in order to balance the differing needs of its consumers, couriers, and sellers. To meet these challenges (both engineering- and process-related) and continue providing useful services to its varied user base, the Buyer, Fleet, and Seller teams continually develop and test changes against their respective markets, learning from the feedback and re-iterating on their products to achieve maximum utility. This discussion brings more focus to the internal workings of the Buyer and Fleet teams around design, product, analysis, and engineering, as well as their cross-team collaboration initiatives. Join us and learn more!

Bianca Curutan

Bianca Curutan, Software Engineer,Postmates

Christine Song

Christine Song, Backend Engineer,Postmates