Beyond Design: Navigating Project Buy-in in Large Enterprise Ecosystems

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Beyond Design: Navigating Project Buy-in in Large Enterprise Ecosystems

09 Oct, 1:55 pm - 2:30 pm (Europe/Dublin) - Vision Stage

09 Oct, 12:55 - 13:30 (UTC)

Continuous Design

At an enterprise level, where the default focus on the user doesn't always count, Kelle unravels her game-changing strategies in rolling out the Program Management team's process at Verizon Connect and championing the fusion of design thinking in strategic initiatives. Kelle will share a pragmatic and fresh lens on how she ensures projects resonate powerfully across all departments for the coveted buyin. This talk merges theory with Kelle's profound experience, arming attendees with actionable strategies versatile for any organisational tier.
Key insights include:

  • Strategic Limelight: Redefining roadmap delivery to resonate with decision-makers, ensuring every stakeholder feels seen and valued.
  • Speaking Their Language: Master the craft of tailoring project articulations that resonate with varied teams, from sales to finance.
  • Adapting Design Thinking: Delve into the nuance of molding design thinking principles to fit and flourish within any business context.
  • Empowerment Over Control: Understand the potency of stepping back, empowering teams to steer their tales, and crafting narratives that captivate stakeholders.
  • Serving Over Controlling: Navigate the crucial paradigm shift from a controlling grip to a service-oriented approach, setting the stage for a harmonious and productive project atmosphere.
Kelle Link

Kelle Link, Chief of Staff & Business Designer Principal,Verizon Connect