A Business-Centric Approach to Design System Strategy

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A Business-Centric Approach to Design System Strategy

Continuous Delivery

The scope of a design system extends beyond typical project boundaries, often posing challenges in determining strategic focal points. Explore how T. Rowe Price's design system organization rapidly evolved into multiple teams within three years, driven by a business-centric mindset. Alex outlines the essential business functions related to managing a design system that go beyond design and technology, including marketing, finance, business development, and more. By strategically applying pressure to each of these areas in response to the dynamic business environment, they have not only increased the adoption of their design system but have also established it as an essential element in the firm’s overall strategy. Whether operating within a small business or a large enterprise, gain valuable insights to fortify your design system with the necessary business functions it needs to thrive.

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson, VP, Senior Design System Engineering Manager,T. Rowe Price