Michal Mazur

Michal Mazur

Senior UX Designer

El Passion

Michal is an experienced UX Designer with a strong passion for user and business research. He believes that great experiences are born from synergy between the users, the business and the technology involved. Close cross-functional collaboration in the design process is the way I always work. Apart from building experience in a variety of projects, he is an active user-centered design author and evangelist, who loves to exchange knowledge with the amazing UX industry.

Past Sessions

UXDX Community Warsaw 2018

Watch Strategic Tools For Personas & User Journeys

Strategic Tools For Personas & User Journeys

Michal Mazur

Senior UX Designer, El Passion

El Passion's, Michal Mazur will discuss how to choose the right toolset when looking at moving from product problem to setting the product vision.

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