Marie-Laure Thuret

Marie-Laure Thuret

Technical Product Manager


Marie-Laure Thuret is a Technical Product Manager at Algolia. She works on the Developer Experience side of the product, making sure developers can implement their search & discovery experience in the best possible ways using the right back-end and front-end tooling as well as a clear documentation.

Before that, Marie-Laure was a software engineer. Her passion for producing clear and simple code make her being a huge advocate of practices such as Behaviour Driven Development, Domain Driven Design and Test Driven Development. Always curious, she had the opportunity to work on different kind of projects with various languages and architectures.

Past Sessions

UXDX Europe 2019

Watch How To Empower Developers To Build A Greater User Experience

How To Empower Developers To Build A Greater User Experience

Marie-Laure Thuret

Technical Product Manager, Algolia

From the very beginning of Algolia's journey, focusing on Developer Experience was key. More than 6 years later with four dedicated squads on that topic, it couldn't be even more true. In this talk we'll look at how giving developers the to...

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