Laura Varga

Laura Varga

Engineering Manager

Walmart Labs

Laura is an engineer with great passion for technology. Her career took her through various roles and positions in industries varying from financial, services and now e-comm. She is a true devops, having extended experience both in operational roles (production engineering) and backend software development. Working on the edge, platform itself, or CI/CD, the constant is the love for automation and creating a useful and solid solution. If you want to talk about cloud(Azure, GCP, AWS), Kubernetes, golang development, and most of all SRE/production engineering best practices, she'll be happy toengage.

Past Sessions

UXDX Europe 2019

Watch Going Serverless Panel

Going Serverless Panel

Nik Rahmel


Laura Varga

Walmart Labs

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LEGO Group

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Bakers don't farm the fields and mill the grain yet product teams are still worrying about the full stack of their solutions, right down to operating system patches and memory limits. This hands on session will look at how easy it is to in...

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