Joseph Levin

Joseph Levin

Director of Product

Joseph is a hands-on leader with experience building products, scaling organisations, and creating high performing teams. He is currently a Director of Product at leading cross-functional teams responsible for helping travellers connect the different parts of their trips together for a seamless experience.

He joined when it was still a scale-up and quickly grew from coder to product leader. He learned how to scale his leadership as they went from a tech and product organisation of 150 people to 3000 people.

He thrives when working collaboratively to unlock ideas and solve complex problems. His product leadership is driven by the belief that by striving to prove your assumptions wrong you ultimately build products that are useful, unique and profitable.

Past Sessions

UXDX Community Netherlands 2020

Watch Are You Proving Yourself Wrong?

Are You Proving Yourself Wrong?

Joseph Levin

Director of Product,

Do you want to facilitate better debates with your team, develop better strategies and build better products? Start by proving yourself wrong.

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