Francesca Cuda

Francesca Cuda

Head of Engineering


Francesca is the Head of Engineering at ustwo working with a team of talented engineers to launch products, services and companies that have a meaningful impact on the world. After spending nearly a decade working as a full stack engineer and expanding into the native world, she believes in the power of technology to have an impact in human lifes and interactions. Francesca worked as Solution Architect and Mobile Lead at The Telegraph exploring new technologies like NLP, AI and ML. She holds a master degree in Logistic Engineering from Rome University and in her spare time she loves running and mentoring young people.

Past Sessions

UXDX Europe 2018

Watch Mob Programming: The Next Level Of Pair Programming

Mob Programming: The Next Level Of Pair Programming

Francesca Cuda

Head of Engineering, ustwo

Collaboration between discipline: Broadening vision by considering different viewpoints  Bringing the whole team to work together on one task at the same time Allowing an even distribution of knowledge, being more considerate of...

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