Fanny Krebs-Pinto

Fanny Krebs-Pinto

Senior Product Manager

Holiday Pirates

Fanny deeply cares about people and is passionate about improving things, for users and for her co-workers. As part of the product leadership team at HolidayPirates, she aims at making it easier for people to explore the world, while continuously assessing and improving the internal processes for better collaboration. She’s also a hobby event organiser and has organised several tech conferences, as well as programming workshops. Now she’s part of the Product Tank community and co-organises product meet-ups in Berlin. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking or fermenting food.

Past Sessions

UXDX Community Germany 2020

Watch Dev And Product - Or On Enjoying Coding Whilst Creating Value

Dev And Product - Or On Enjoying Coding Whilst Creating Value

Fanny Krebs-Pinto

Senior Product Manager, Holiday Pirates

There are many reasons why developers might be annoyed with their product managers: random deadlines, requirements that are too vague, or too specific, no time for technical debt issues, no big picture, no strategy, no plan, no skills... an...

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