Eva Deckers

Eva Deckers

Design Director

Philips Design

Eva Deckers is Design Director at Philips Design, leading the Data Enabled Design team and responsible for several Strategic Design activities. After finishing her master Industrial Design, focusing on system and interaction design she obtained her PhD on artificial intelligence from a design perspective. She investigated and designed the perceptual and social intelligence of a system rather than its cognitive abilities. After joining Philips in 2013 she focused on strategic design, at that moment a new competence within Philips Design. In that role she was design lead for one of four strategic domains of Philips and she is responsible for a design thinking program to support business strategy, the so called Business Value Proposition. Since 2017 she leads the Data Enabled Design competency team, building a design approach in which data is utilized as creative material as well as building strong data enabled design propositions. In her presentation she will introduce the team, capabilities, goals and achievements through inspiring showcases. This will give the audience a flavor of how Philips Design in picking up on designing for the increasingly connected world and how this asks for new ways of working for designers, developers and data scientists.

Past Sessions

UXDX Europe 2018

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Data Enabled Design

Eva Deckers

Design Director, Philips Design

Understanding the Data Enabled Design team, part of Philips Design. This new competence team aims at making data and artificial intelligence part of the creative process and deliver on meaningful propositions that encompass data and AI. In ...

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