Brian Dalton

Brian Dalton

Project Manager/Accessibility QA Lead


Brian Dalton is a subject matter expert in accessibility related QA testing, with vast experience in the Waterfall and Agile frameworks. He has delivered accessibility training programs during the whole life cycle of many software development projects. These include accessibility requirements and testing from the project vision document, the analysis and design phase, and creating accessibility business requirements and user stories, functional test cases, through to creating a user-friendly experience. He has managed the delivery of key projects for InterAccess clients such as: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the NTA and Irish Rail as well as giving accessibility training to the HSE. Brian is a power screen reader user and a beta tester with JAWS (Job Access with Speech), one of the key screen readers used by blind people around the world. His experience in using assistive technology at a professional and personal level, gives him a deep knowledge and understanding of what is needed to create a pleasant experience for screen reader users when auditing for and working with clients to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Brian is a keen blogger, and likes to share his knowledge and experience on the Interaccess blog – he is also an avid music fan and DJs on Team-fm.

Upcoming Sessions

UXDX Europe 2020Tuesday 6th October

10:00 - 12:00 (2 hours)

How Accessibility Can Be Integrated Throughout the Lifecycle Of The Product

Training - UX / Design

UXDX europe 2020

Past Sessions

UXDX Europe 2018

Watch Accessibility On The Web

Accessibility On The Web

Brian Dalton

Project Manager/Accessibility QA Lead, InterAccess

In this funny and motivating talk, Brian goes through the difficulties of the visually impared to navigate websites that aren't accessible to page readers. And advice for what to do when trying to improve your website functionality

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