UXDX Community: Design Thinking & Design Leadership - Amsterdam

26 Mar 2418:30 - 19:35Europe/Amsterdam

An in-person series focused specifically on helping product people within Amsterdam to bridge the gap between Product, UX, Design and Dev to build better products, faster together.

UXDX Community: Design Thinking &  Design Leadership - Amsterdam

Community leaders

  • Picture of Elena Avramenko

    Elena Avramenko

    Interim Head of Growth

    Olena, also known as Elena, is a professional specializing in Growth and Product areas. With over 14 years of experience, her focus has centered on building Products, Communities, and Marketing Growth initiatives. She possesses a deep fascination with experimentation and the creation of sustainable growth loops. Identifying as a Builder and Innovator, Olena is always eager to build, release, and iterate in pursuit of remarkable outcomes. Her career includes working with notable companies such as Microsoft, Miro, Lego, and running her own PLG company, PopAppFactory. Additionally, Olena has shared her insights on social volunteering through a TEDx talk, aiming to spread the concept of digital volunteering using one's skills.

  • Picture of Anatolii Ivashynenko

    Anatolii Ivashynenko

    Head of Product

    As a product enthusiast with over 12 years of experience, Anatolii began his career as a web designer and currently serves as the head of product. He focuses on doing the right things with a systematic problem-solving approach and enjoys seeing the people around him grow. Anatolii helps teams in developing their product strategies, enhancing existing processes, conducting workshops, offering mentorship, and more.

Connect with other attendees

Take part in the scheduled sessions
Have some fun and meet some of the amazing Product, UX, Design and Dev experts that have come together for UXDX from around the world.
Get to know a Peer
Have a chat with a fellow UXDX attendee - 2 minutes and a product development related question to skip the small talk and create a real connection.
Keep the conversations going
Connect with the people you met, read about the latest trends in product development and build your profile in the community


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Frequently asked questions

How does an in-person community event work?

We host in-person community events weekly in over 20 cities around the globe. Stay updated with announcements to see if UXDX will be coming to your city next.

Are all the talks recorded?

This varies depending on the city.

How long will I have access to the videos?

You will have access to the videos indefinitely!


Hear what people have to say about the conference

“This conference changed the way I see designs and products, even how to build them.”

Jimmy Ritter
Jimmy Ritter
Web Developer at KPMG

“The growth I experienced as a designer after UXDX merely over a three day period is astonishing”

Sidharath Chhatsni
Sidharath Chhatsni
Senior Product Designer at Mark43

“How do I sell my great ideas to colleagues who weren't there?”

Martin Gjesdal
Martin Gjesdal
Product Manager at Storebrand

“We looked at every UX conference in the world, but none had speakers of the same calibre as UXDX.”

Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson
UX Team Lead at CEF

“I know that what I have been pushing within our company is right and this year getting IT leadership to attend with me got the message across the them.”

Mick Brady
Mick Brady
Principal Product Design Lead at Unum

“Excellent opportunity to get an insight in great companies and how they work and succeed to build better products”

Sandra Siggelin
Sandra Siggelin
Team Manager at Swedbank

“A jam-packed conference with many amazing speakers, bursting with ideas to share.”

Jean Liu
Jean Liu
Head of Product at Altmetric

“If you are in product, you'd better be at UXDX! Get ready for a two-day knowledge rollercoaster!”

Nicky Rutten
Nicky Rutten
UX/UI Architect at N digital studio

“The care that they put into the craft of the talks makes this conference so special”

Marijke Jorritsma
Marijke Jorritsma
Design Manager at NASA Propulsion Labs

“Turbo powered learning”

Atte Hynninen
Atte Hynninen
CPO at WordDive

“UXDX is one of the rare experience focused conferences that brings together cross-functional disciplines”

Cindy Chastain
Cindy Chastain
SVP Global Customer Experience & Design at Mastercard

“The speakers shared the best and worst of their experiences, giving the audience an insight into how to grow, fail fast and get ahead”

Amna Askari
Amna Askari
Software Developer at Reach Plc