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What you'll get experience doing

Get an on-the-ground experience at Europe’s leading software development conference by volunteering this year! Singing up to volunteer will allow you to not only get to the forefront of the action, but also develop your communication and operational skills, and network with fellow peers in the industry. All volunteers also get a ticket to attend the rest of the conference they are working at!

Online Volunteers

Community Support
  • Remote management of UXDX Slack Channel and events comment section to maintain community guidelines around sharing content and answer common questions
  • Be the point of information to help attendees with any technical difficulties in accessing the event
Virtual Stage/Speaker Support
  • Ensure that audio/visual is working for speakers before they go live at the event
  • Ensuring speakers are log on to the call when they need to be
Workshop Support
  • Monitoring online workshops and and providing support trainers to ensure it runs smoothly

In-Person Volunteers

Registration Support
  • Check-In of Attendees and handling any issues that arises (upgrades, reprinting of badges, change of ticket name)
  • Distribute lanyards, name tags and other promotional material
  • Point of information to help attendees find talks and facilities
Partner Support
  • Checing in with partners to ask if there are any issues
  • Assisting in any partner or exhibitor queries
Speaker Coordinator
  • Be the point of information for all speakers to ensure they are on time and be where they need to be
Stage Support
  • Assist the stage manager in coordinating with the speaker coordinator that speakers are at the stage and ready on time
Training Support
  • Assist trainers in conducting their workshops to ensure it runs smoothly

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