Yes, No, Not Yet - How To Set Goals & Prioritize

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Yes, No, Not Yet - How To Set Goals & Prioritize

Product Direction

In our workshop we’ll start off with a working session on organizational goals. We’ll focus on how to create good OKRs and where they sit in the organisational strategy but will be widely applicable to most organizational goal setting.
We’ll then move into developing practical knowledge on how to prioritize against OKR initiatives with a few different prioritisation frameworks. Our workshops are designed to mix best practices with how orgs tend to actually function so expect to be able to put learning into practice right away.
Key takeaways:

  • How to kick start the creation of good OKRs,
  • How to prioritize initiatives, projects & tasks
Emmi Meurling

Emmi Meurling, Co-Founder,Practical Product

Ronja Bard Bringéus

Ronja Bard Bringéus, Co-Founder,Practical Product

Arielle Kilroy

Arielle Kilroy, Co-Founder,Practical Product