X Marks the Spot - Finding Hidden Gems with Project Discovery in 5 steps


X Marks the Spot - Finding Hidden Gems with Project Discovery in 5 steps

Continuous Discovery
UXDX Community: Rapid Discovery 2023

You just joined a company, you know you need to start working, but you have no idea where to start or who to talk to since everyone is remote. That landing point is common for a lot of people these days. That is compounded for those joining a startup or rapidly scaling organization. It makes for some hairy situations when you don’t know where your resources are coming from and leads to frustrating project development.

However there is a way to figure your way out of that mess. You can learn a lot if you have an open mind and start searching for information with a Discovery process. Discovery has helped me learn about my organization, the status of our projects, who runs different teams, where to get approvals and find the resources to get started on important work. This talk provides all the best practices I have used with Discovery to plan ahead for onboarding, reaching out to teams about their scope of work, where our content is stored and what is available right now to get started on project work quickly and efficiently. So if you want to get your bearings straight join me in this session and discover the valuable facts for any new project yourself.

Key Takeaways:

What is the key points of Discovery - Scope, Availability, Timing, and Gate Keepers
Where to get started in Discovery by finding the nodes in your company network to help you navigate operational groups
How to communicate to others your scope and request data that you need to move forward with
Where to start and end on your discovery process with a goal for follow up conversations to keep the momentum going

Tadeh Hakopian

Tadeh Hakopian, Program Manager,Energy Vault